Monday, 22 September 2014

Experience an amazing vacation with your children in Tuscany

There is nothing better than a family holiday. It provides you with a relaxing and enjoyable time with your near and dear ones. If you are planning a Vacation in Tuscany , then  a stay in Tuscany with your family, can be a perfect option for you. It does not matter which time of year you choose, you will surely have a wonderful time. Listed below are some of the family oriented sites that you can visit during the trip and activities that can be enjoyed. 
Vacation in Tuscany

What to explore?
There are a number of places worth for exploration. You will definitely find the excellent places for activities and outings that suits your family unit. Tuscany is well known for its great art, architecture, food. You can explore the incredible scenery, stunning architecture, rolling down hills and much more. 

Prehistoric adventure
The Peccioli park in Tuscany is an amazing picnic spot and a play area for children. The park has lifelike models of dinosaurs, reproductions of lizards a volcano, caveman and bear caves. A small cafe is also available in the park. There are two water parks also, both are named Acqua village in the nearby areas of Tuscany. 

The medieval walled city of Lucca
Lucca is a primitive city close to Tuscany (approx 10 KM) that is decorated with the beautiful ancient walls. The tops of the walls are ideal and wide enough for biking and cycling. Your kids will love riding around the walls and enjoy the view of the city from the top. There are churches, several historic buildings and museums for a worthy tour. Book ahead the tickets for the galleries and museums to avoid unnecessary queues and enjoy interesting visit. 

Enjoy Tuscany food
Who does not love Italian food?  Italian food is the favorite food of children, pizza and pasta are world famous Italian food. Many restaurants are run by the local families for the years. They offer fresh vegetables from their own farm houses in Tuscany and near by the region. 

Encourage the kids to learn more about the history of northern Italy with a visit to amazing family holidays in Tuscany.  Book your holiday with that provide you an amazing experience of holidays with your family and friends. It gives a traditional yet modern feel, as you can enjoy all the modern facilities in the villa rentals and holiday homes available in Tuscany and give your children a fabulous vacation.

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