Thursday, 25 September 2014

Enjoy your holidays at exclusive villas in Tuscany

Planning a holiday requires careful selection about the place. If you are planning to visit a tourist place with your family members or friends, then you need to choose something where you can enjoy and have a comfortable time. 

One such amazing spot is called as Tuscany and it is the best place to visit in the Northern part of the Italy. You don’t have to worry about the accommodation because there are many exclusive villas in Tuscany which offers excellent hospitality to their clients. Let us try to find more about Tuscany and nearby areas.

Villa to rent in Tuscany

Now enjoy luxury at affordable rates
·    Most of the people think that Europe is a luxurious destination, but the real fact is that there are many wonderful locations which are not only luxurious but also provides affordable accommodation options. Tuscany is one such place that has got villas, farmhouses and hotels that are of high class yet available at dirt cheap rates.

·         If you are worried about booking these villas, then there is no need to worry as most of the professional ones have opened their online shops. All you need to do is to search for them across the internet and initiate the bookings through online procedure.One such amazing villa style accommodation can be booked by logging on to this site called as 

Tuscany as a place offers so many wonderful things
·         The best part about Tuscany is that it has got perfect weather conditions and you can come here during any time of the year. However, during extreme cold conditions during winters, you need to make sure that you carry woolen clothes.

·         There are few cities near Tuscany that are a must visit and those cities are walled city of Lucca, Florence and Pisa. As you know that Pisa is famous for Leaning Tower of Pisa.

·     The food here is one of the major attractions as you can have scrumptious Italian dishes such as Pasta, Cheeses and Italian Wines. 

If you can travel a bit more then you can also visit the nearby coastline, which is just at a 3 hour drive away from Tuscany. There are islands and pristine beaches that can be explored and you can spend some nice time with your family, friends and kids. Remember, this is Europe and it has lots to offer for every person, no matter from which age group he or she is.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Complete Guide for Package Holidays in Tuscany

Most of the people prefer a holiday package, when they have to travel to any part of the world. This is a great way to enjoy your holidays without any hassle. You just have to buy a holiday package and leave everything on the travel agencies to arrange a perfect holiday for you. Here are some important information about the holiday packages. 

What is a holiday package?
Your holiday package is a pre- arranged and sold at different prices by the travel agent or owner themselves for a specific period of time. This basically includes travel tickets, living arrangements, sight seeing, food and other different arrangements such as a travelling guide. Most of the packages include the transportation facility to go to the local places.

 The holiday package catalog includes:
The holiday packages provide all the required information such as:
·         The price of the holiday
·         Holiday destination
·         Means of transport to be used
·         Location and description of the accommodation
·         Health formalities
·         Transport and visa formalities
·         Terms and conditions
·         Taxes included

What to do if something goes wrong?
If you face any difficulty on the holiday you can report the problem to the local organizer and get your problem resolved at no added cost. If your issue is not solved you can give a written complaint to the organizer by sending  a simple email.
This is all about the holiday packages. If you are looking for a place to visit in the next vacation in Tuscany is the best option for you. Read now and plan your trip.

A package holiday in Tuscany
Tuscany is a perfect mixture of style and simplicity. Its simplicity lies in the beautiful sceneries, traditional buildings that are equipped with the latest facilities. All this make Tuscany an attractive place for thousands of tourists around the world. It is a perfect place to relax and have a peaceful and enjoyable vacation like a heaven in Italy. 

Tuscany is most favored destination across the sphere. Package holidays in Tuscany offers a visit to the most beautiful and dream destination ever. You can explore the vast ancient historic culture and tradition of the region. It is one of those regions that are gifted with all the varied aspects of life.
Tuscany is  a favorable spot for festivals, adventure and exploring the nature. The packages give a feel of exciting experience for  individuals seeks to discover the mysteries of the region. Packages are designed to suit the budget of the clients. Many travel agencies offer packages at nominal prices because of high competition among them. provides you the amazing holiday packages for you and your family in the most beautiful region of Italy. It provides you the most preferred holiday homes in Tuscany that are equipped with all the facilities. You can enjoy with the family and friends and gather the memories for future without any difficulty. However a clear understanding of the package and pre -planning of the budget is required before you finalize the package deal.  Carefully choose the deal and keep youself free from all the worries.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Experience an amazing vacation with your children in Tuscany

There is nothing better than a family holiday. It provides you with a relaxing and enjoyable time with your near and dear ones. If you are planning a Vacation in Tuscany , then  a stay in Tuscany with your family, can be a perfect option for you. It does not matter which time of year you choose, you will surely have a wonderful time. Listed below are some of the family oriented sites that you can visit during the trip and activities that can be enjoyed. 
Vacation in Tuscany

What to explore?
There are a number of places worth for exploration. You will definitely find the excellent places for activities and outings that suits your family unit. Tuscany is well known for its great art, architecture, food. You can explore the incredible scenery, stunning architecture, rolling down hills and much more. 

Prehistoric adventure
The Peccioli park in Tuscany is an amazing picnic spot and a play area for children. The park has lifelike models of dinosaurs, reproductions of lizards a volcano, caveman and bear caves. A small cafe is also available in the park. There are two water parks also, both are named Acqua village in the nearby areas of Tuscany. 

The medieval walled city of Lucca
Lucca is a primitive city close to Tuscany (approx 10 KM) that is decorated with the beautiful ancient walls. The tops of the walls are ideal and wide enough for biking and cycling. Your kids will love riding around the walls and enjoy the view of the city from the top. There are churches, several historic buildings and museums for a worthy tour. Book ahead the tickets for the galleries and museums to avoid unnecessary queues and enjoy interesting visit. 

Enjoy Tuscany food
Who does not love Italian food?  Italian food is the favorite food of children, pizza and pasta are world famous Italian food. Many restaurants are run by the local families for the years. They offer fresh vegetables from their own farm houses in Tuscany and near by the region. 

Encourage the kids to learn more about the history of northern Italy with a visit to amazing family holidays in Tuscany.  Book your holiday with that provide you an amazing experience of holidays with your family and friends. It gives a traditional yet modern feel, as you can enjoy all the modern facilities in the villa rentals and holiday homes available in Tuscany and give your children a fabulous vacation.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Explore true heaven at Tuscany in Italy

Are you planning to spend a marvelous time during your holidays? If, Yes, then consider visiting Tuscany in Italy. It is a beautiful place surrounded by nature and amazing tourist spots. The entire area is filled with pristine locations and breathtaking surroundings.
Tuscan Holiday Rental
The best part is that you can easily get excellent accommodation and that too at a pretty decent rate.  One of the best option is to go for Tuscan Villa Rental which is like a royal palace filled with all the luxuries and basic amenities of life. Let us try to find more about this place and what all can be done to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.
Save money by staying at a villa
·         If you want to enjoy and wish to save some money, then go for Tuscan country Farmhouse. It is one of the best forms of accommodation in this area and is cost effective. Another best part is that you get complete freedom. These are independent living villas where 6 to 8 persons can stay. The entire villa should be booked for a week or more than that. Facilities such as salt water pools, elegant rooms, gadgets and kitchen are provided.
You can easily book such villas through online portals
·         Tuscany country Farmhouse can be easily booked online, and you only have to pay 20% of the amount in advance and the rest can be cleared later. One of the best online portals to book these villas is
Apart from staying in at such a nice place you can also visit the nearby areas such as olive gardens, vineyards and supermarkets. You can even go for those ultimate wine tasting sessions along with cheese tasting. There are many tourists who prefer to rent a bicycle and then ride their bicycle while exploring the entire area. One of the best places that can be explored is called as Lucca which is just a 15 minutes drive from Tuscany.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Walking Holidays in Tuscany

Looking for a break, or something amazing!
A holiday house may be what you call for for the next holiday. A holiday rental for the family unit or friend is renting out in the well equipped apartments for a couple of days as an alternate to the hotels. You can spend your holidays in Tuscany.Tuscany is a beautiful place sited near the primitive city of Lucca. (Approx 10km). The apartments are beautifully decorated with natural treasure. There are plenty of walks and trails to explore on foot or by cycle. You can also book a car on rent.

Villa to rent in Tuscany

A spacious sleep up to 6+2, perfect for families, groups or couples and the villa with most luxurious complexes surrounded by Florence, Pisa, Viareggio, Abe tone to ensure you a memorable holiday for you and your family. Each of the bedrooms has a perfect view of the garden, pool and other surrounding areas. It is a group of luxury villas and apartment complexes all within the walking distance to the supermarket.
The lounge area includes 3 piece suite, living/ lounge area, along with a flat screen TV. It also contains music system and a media center with a wide collection of movies and games. You can enjoy unlimited internet access.
A private garden is the ultimate place for star staring. The garden along with relaxing pool is one of the important parts to be enjoyed throughout the day. The maintenance of the pool has been done on a regular basis in order to maintain its safe pH value.
We offers charming nature and attractive landscapes for sightseeing. Also explore the natural treasure rich in culture and heritage and history of Roman times. The city is decorated and furnished in a primitive style, yet give a modern feel.
Check out the outstanding holiday rental accommodation in Tuscany to create memories for the future. Visite our website :- and Make your trip remarkable at Tuscany and rejuvenate your body and mind.